2.Meta Easy Can Analog 3.5

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2.Meta Easy Can Analog 3.5

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Meta EASY CAN Analog 3.5


This alarm unit is designed for vehicles which already have their own standard remote control locking systems fitted.

This alarm is integrated to the vehicle by means of direct interface with the original vehicle lock/unlock signals.

The switchable volumetric protection, the anti-carjack function, the emergency override code and the numerous programming options represent an upgrade alarm system which can cater for even the most discerning customer.

The excellent value for money and intrinsic reliability of the modular products make this a top-ranking alarm system.


Original remote control integration

Engine immobilisation

Flashing indicators

Diagnostic flashing LED

Boot, bonnet and door protection

Voltage drop sensor (can be excluded)

Emergency override

Emergency electronic override key (optional)

Optional battery back-up siren

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