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Detachable Tow Bars

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Detachable towbars sales have steadily grown in popularity since they were launched, and year after year continue to grow. They offer the best of both worlds: a car with a towbar when towing and a car without when not!

Until recently 99.9% of detachable towbars have been detachable swanneck towbars, however introduction of a range of flange detachable towbars, providing the versatility of both the flange and detachable systems.

They are also useful for cars fitted with reversing sensors (also known as PDC or parking distance control). This is because often with a flange or swanneck fixed in position they would be picked up by the sensors when not towing.

The design of the detachable towbar will vary depending on the towbar manufacturers and the vehicle it is fitting to. Some detachable towbars will have a non-visible bumper cut with the electrics on a swivel plate, while others may just show the electrics or a discrete module just visible below your bumper (if you look hard enough). We will be able to give advice on the best detachable for your vehicle.

All swanneck detachable (not flange detachable) towbars come with the towball as standard as the ball is part of the neck these are designed to the make and model of vehicle.

Please note, that these are special order items, they will be vehicle specific, take a few days to arrive in and will require a full payment when placing the order.

As there are so many ranges, and so many makes, models and years, prices will vary, so please select the “”Car Install Price”” button to get an exact price.

Please make sure, the Manufacture, Model, Year and Style i.e. Saloon are made known etc.

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