Installation Counties Covered

Some items will only be able to be down in Carlow. These includes the like of Car Alarms that are not Can Bus Interfaced, i.e. Clifford Arrow 5.1 or Viper 3100 etc. The likes of motor homes and box truck trailers will have to be assessed, discussed and quoted and a full deposit on the day of agreement will be required to order in stock and to allocate a day or two for installation.

The list of items for sale are shown below and what will include a call out charges and where in the South-East are covered. Jobs that are requested in the like of Cork or Kerry will require further costs and will work on a mileage rate of .45cent from Carlow Town.

For Example;

A Parrot CK3100 installed into a BMW 5 Series 2010 in Cork City will be broken down as followed, the price of the kit and installation, €214.95, which is 96miles each way, totalling €86.40 plus vat, which will equated, €313.00inc vat.
All areas covered in Carlow, Dublin, Kildare, Kilkenny, Laois, Wicklow, Wexford and Waterford. Please contact to find out about costs outside of these counties.

Car Alarms:

Only available for installation in Carlow, remote central locking kits are the exception, they can be down in the South-East of Ireland only.

Car Audio:

Car audio will vary depending on items, most items will be arranged to best suit a fitting day in your area. The likes of a stereo to be fitted in Waterford maybe a week depending on allocated fitting days.

Flip down DVD and Head Rest monitors are covered in the South-East again will be on certain fitting days in your area. Please allow a few days for an installation date to be confirmed with you, and once arranged a confirmation will be sent out to you via email or text.

Heated Seats

Only available for installation in Carlow, however seats can be collected and taken away to be done on site in Carlow. The seats will be prepared and fitted with the heating elements required and once this has been complete, a fitting date will be confirmed. Allow 2days only for the completion of this job as we do not wish to tie up you without having a car for any longer. However there is a €50.00inc vat excess on this service to cover the collection of the seats, this will only be waivered if both seats are done.

Again, cars can be booked in and then the following day maybe collected. We allow 8hours for this job so it is best to confirm before purchasing.

Tow Bars

Onsite available and we will be able to work around you, these items are not stocked, so please allow a few days for delivery and installation. We work closely with PCT Tow bars offering a great quality and standard in items.

Tow bars are a full payment deposit and only installation will be refundable, you will find our terms and conditions in our delivery service button on the home page.

A cars model, make and year are essential to this item, we will only order in the one you have asked for, if there is a change in mind or car, you will be at the loss of the money and the addition of a tow bar not belonging to your car, so please ensure all information provided is correct.

Bluetooth Car Phone Kits

Covered in the south-east, certain cars i.e. Volvo, Lexus, Audi that have amplified sound systems will be extra. The prices quoted in the supply and fit include a year warranty and guarantee, the kit of choice and the standard ISO T-Harness adaptor lead that most cars will require. The ISO T-Harness will only be refunded once the make, the model and the year given when ordering shows that the car does not need it to operate. However in the cases of most Audi’s, Volvo’s with the high performance sound system, or the Lexus range, additional extension cable will be required and the addition of €79.95inc vat will be requested. We will make this apparent before requesting, and if you do not wish to go ahead with this we will happily refund you your money.

Please ensure, the correct model, make and year of the car are given and whether it is a new shape or old shape depending on the year. We know our cars, and makes and models so you can ensure you are getting the best service. We don’t read it from a how to book like bigger companies trying to fit Bluetooth kits.

Cruise Control

This service is only available for installation in Carlow with no exceptions.

Reversing Sensors & Cameras

Covered only in the south-east, not extra charges, painting sensors will take a few days. If you want colour coded sensors, ensure you order colour coded sensors, we will only fit the sensors requested and if you wish to get the sensors sprayed on the day before fitting, the addition of €99.95 for time, spraying and refitting will be requested on the day.
Please give paint names, colour codes, years, makes and models and we will work with you to give you the best sensors for you and your car. You can email me a picture of your car to and this will come directly to me.

If there are any other questions please email me at or call on +353862660570 and we can discuss a few of your options and see what might best suit you. Thank you and I look forward to dealing with you in the near future. Stephen Gillespie