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Evolution Sounds know good music and what better way to listen to what you want by having a professional install the latest in Car Audio Kits specified to your car creating the ultimate audio experience.

Evolution sounds is run by Stephen Gillespie who has self built Evolution Sounds from the ground up by his hard work and avid interest in car audio and the over-all car experience.

They are a leading stockist for dash cams all of which are equipped with the latest technology including road safety warning systems for your safety.

The use of dash cams has become increasingly popular among road users as it provides protection against insurance fraud and acts as a credible eye witness to any collisions or road accidents.

The ability to provide video evidence to support a claim means that the claim can be settled more quickly.

Many drivers use their dash cam footage to prove that they are safe drivers and this helps to keep their premium down.

“AXA supports initiatives which encourage safe driving, so we now offer up to a generous 10% discount on our car insurance for drivers who have a dashcam permanently fitted in their car,” states the AXA.co.uk website.

Insurance companies have seen the value of having a dash cam and are rewarding those who use them with reductions – a trend that is spreading across the UK and Ireland.

There is already talk of having the presence of a dash cam as a requirement for road users as they not only encourage the owner of the vehicle to drive carefully but also those around them as any illegal activity is caught on camera.

Dash cams have many benefits for vehicle owners but it is important to note that they make the road a safer place for everyone whether they are motorists, cyclists or pedestrians.

Your dash cam can record while your car is parked and serves as a deterrent for anybody who may attempt to break into your car.

This combined with having video evidence of all journeys means that a driver is much more likely to keep their No Claims Bonus.

With a dash cam in place you can be certain that your car and belongings are secure even when you are not around.

If you are interested in addition safety and protection while on the road, contact
Evolution Sounds and they would be happy to talk you through all of the available options.