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Your mobile phone makes you four times more likely to crash. And when you consider that driver distraction plays a role in 20-30% of all road collisions, phone use and driving is an issue that we all need to think differently about.” RSA,

Stay safe and legal with a wide range of mobile phone hands free kits here at Evolution Sounds. Featuring advanced Bluetooth technology from simple and neat, to music enhancement for your driving pleasure, we’ve got hands free Bluetooth kit, hands free ready car stereos and complete fitted hands free car kits to keep you in touch on your mobile while on the move.

Whether it’s aftermarket with Parrot, or THB Bury, we at Evolution Sounds are proud partners and certified representatives of all the major players in the aftermarket Bluetooth kits.

Whether you wish to buy the budget range, to the complete integrated packages, we can certainly suit your needs. If there are items you don’t see in the Hands Free section, drop us a line and we can help you from there. We deal with Fiscon as well as Dension brands.

Make sure you’re safe and legal on the road by using a Hands Free Bluetooth Kit Supplied and/or fitted here at Evolution Sounds.

In Car Bluetooth kits remove the need to take your hands off the wheel when driving, so you don’t fall foul of the mobile phone driving laws. It’s even more dangerous in some incidents pulling over if you’re going to take a call as it can cause obstructions, difficult for other drivers to overtake so its better to not answer than put other drivers in possibly dangerous situations, so it better to use a Hands Free Bluetooth to avoid any issues at all.

Evolution Sounds have the basic Parrot CK3000 for simple Bluetooth capability, to the step up, THB Bury 9048 for dual phone technology to Music Streaming, all the way up to the Parrot Asteroid Tablet for the complete package, Bluetooth, Movies and Sat Nav all in one.

We fit all our product and/or we sell direct, however warranty and issues are logged and recorded and we work closely with out manufactures to get the best service. With our fitting, not only is it a year warranty on all products, its a years guarantee on items fitted.

At Evolution Sounds, we know cars like a plumber knows pipes and a mechanic knows engines, we aren’t unprofessional and we don’t need diagrams to remove a radio from cars, Other companies that have don’t have the right training or knowledge are companies that should be steered clear of, trust certified and trusted partners when choosing your Bluetooth Hands Free Kit.